Five teachers Five intentions

Aram Raffy


You get more of what you focus on. May as well focus on something nice then.

Becky Farbstein

becky f

My intention is actually intentionality. I notice that even when I am fully mindful and practice intentionality on my yoga mat, transferring this focus off the mat remains a challenge in the hectic urban environment. There is so much that competes for my attention and sometimes I lose sight of my priorities. I am working on practicing intentional gratitude: I am trying to do a better job of directly thanking friends, family, students, and colleagues and telling people that I appreciate them. More generally, the distractions of modern life (buzzing Twitter alerts, Facebook friend requests, a full inbox) sometimes keep me from the focus and mindfulness that I seek off the mat. My husband and I are trying to institute “screen sabbaticals” this year. By turning off our phones and laptops for a set period of time (an afternoon, an evening, maybe even a whole weekend) we are able to step away from these persistent distractions and refocus on each other and the real priorities in our lives.

Catia Leite


My intention is to keep my open heart active and to continue to share my love and to offer my services. to inspire and to be inspired by my teachers, family, students, friends and my beautiful children. To just simply be happy and live in shanti.

Julie Montagu


My intention is to find THREE GREAT things about my day, every day.  Even simple things like having a green juice or doing a 5 minute meditation – I want to remember that the small things in life can create an amazing day too.

Marcus Veda

Marcus Veda

My intention is: to take a moment; enjoy that moment, wherever, however and whoever that moment is with. And then take more moments…


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